My Favourite Movies: Tomasz Kot

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He’s the star of Pawel Pawlikowski’s Cold War, and more importantly, the latest addition to Hot Corn’s running series where we ask stars to discuss their favourite ever films. The Polish actor Tomasz Kot is rumoured to be involved in the new James Bond production too. Remember the name.

Kot snuck into Tarzan when underage. Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone Tomasz

What’s the first movie you ever fell in love with?

“Oh it was a movie with Christopher Lambert – Tarzan. I was eight or nine years ago and the movie was for over 12s, and it was the first time in my life I had gone to the cinema to see a film like that, but I was really tall so they let me in. I was so proud of myself, I saw Tarzan, I’m only eight or nine. I saw it three times because in Poland we would have one cinema in the city and it would show one movie for three weeks, so if you have time and money for a ticket you can just keep watching the same movie.”


Kot’s reasons for loving this movie are enough to make anybody cry

What’s the one film you ever get tired of watching?

“I have two movies. Life is Beautiful and Billy Elliot, which are two of the most important movies in my life. Billy Elliot in particular was something amazing. I saw the movie when I was a student and my parents didn’t want me to be an actor at all, so it was really hard to do this job, and I’m really happy my dreams came true, but when I saw this movie I saw my story in some sense. This little boy wants to do something that is really important to him, and I was with this story with my whole heart. But the last scene is really important for me, because when I finished my acting school it was completely my own decision and my own way and my parents didn’t like it. They wanted to see me at my last show, my graduation performance and they got lost in the city and I was in very strong make-up, and when I saw Billy Elliot in make-up in the last scene I started to cry in the cinema, I couldn’t stop it. I was playing a strange character, the main character in this performance, and they started to call me asking where they go as they’d lost their way. I gave them directions, but only had 15 minutes until it started. So when I saw in the movie the parents of Billy Elliot feel so lost, it just gave me a flash and I remembered this moment with my parents and I felt the same situation. So that’s very important to me.”

3What’s your favourite soundtrack?

“Inception, Hans Zimmer. The song ‘Time’ because it’s the most important. I discovered Hans Zimmer and it really helps me when I’m creating my characters and I hear that and, wow. I can repeat the song in my head so when I have very disturbing situations on set and I have a lot of people around me and I know I need to be focused, I just start Time in my head and it helps me focus and concentrate.”


Ben Stiller reminding us how many movies in this franchise are considered too many

4What’s your guilty pleasure?

“Zoolander is an amazing movie. The Dictator by Sacha Baron Cohen too, Bruno as well. This type of movie. Oh wait, there’s another one, it has Mr. Bean and Whoopi Goldberg in it… Rat Race? That’s an amazing movie.”


Even just looking at this image makes us want to burst into tears

5What is the one scene that always makes you cry?

“Probably from Billy Elliot, when the jury ask him how he feels and he says that he feels like flying. I can’t stop myself in that moment. Then from Life is Beautiful when we hear the words ‘we won’. I thought, oh my God, Roberto.”

Cold War is out in cinemas now

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