My Favourite Movies: Lance Daly

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Director Lance Daly’s blistered Irish revenge flick Black 47 is out now in UK cinemas. Here he is chatting about his deep love of Jake and Elwood Blues amongst other memorable films from his life.

Lance Daly with James Frecheville on Black 47 set.

THE FIRST MOVIE YOU FELL FOR – “That would be The Blues Brothers. I love everything about it – the general fecklessness of the two lads; their relationship with the music in the film; the scale of the car chases; the pro-soul food and anti-consumerist message hidden in there and [John] Belushi’s big eyes when he takes those sunglasses off. The film is just an endless series of delights. There was definitely a few of my teenage years where I probably watched the film every day. “If the shit fits, wear it!”.


THE MOVIE YOU NEVER GET TIRED OF WATCHING – “I would say Once Upon a Time in the West. It’s one of my top five favourite films, ever. I’m also a real sucker for [Sergio Leone’s] A Fistful of Dynamite, or Duck, You Sucker, depending on which side of the Atlantic you are on. It’s about an ex-IRA man in the Mexican revolution. I think there’s something really special about that film.”


AN OBSCURE FILM YOU LOVE – “I think great movies are discovered by everybody eventually. I would say The Castle, which some people might know, but the average man on the street wouldn’t. What’s amazing about that movie is the hilarity, warmth and innocence but also how it’s tied in to Aboriginal rights, and how people can get thrown off their land. It’s actually an integral Aussie story. It sort of romanticises that simple working class life. It’s good on so many level, but it’s also fucking hilarious.”


YOUR FAVOURITE SOUNDTRACK – “Purple Rain, for sure. I can also watch the film over and over again. It’s a monument to both talent and potential and how they can exist in a human being. You just look at Prince – he was only 26 or so at the time – and it’s just ridiculous. You just wish you were there in the concert scene at the end when he plays Purple Rain.”


A FILM WHICH MAKES YOU CRY? -“I honestly cry at films not because of the story but when the filmmaker managed to get something so right, I’m like “I can’t believe it they did that!” and I start welling up [laughs]. I would say probably Bicycle Thieves. At the end when [the main character Antonio] is with his child. I have four sons and I get emotional just thinking about  when Antonio and his son Bruno have the shame of walking away when the bike’s owner has told the angry mob to them to let him go. That’s probably it.”



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