MY FAVOURITE MOVIES | Robert Emms: ‘I used to think Con Air was a great film…’

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What’s the first movie you fell for?
Robin Hood, the Disney version. It just really got my attention, I think it may have been the whistling at the start.

Oo De Lally, Oo De Lally.

What’s the one film you never get tired of watching?
Hook. It’s so great. Such a good film.

Hook, by Steven Spielberg.

What’s your favourite soundtrack?
All of John Williams’ work. But no, actually I’ll go for Call Me By Your Name. ‘Mystery of Love’ is one of my favourite songs. Just genius.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Con Air. I used to think it was a great film, but then I watched it recently… It was good at the time but it’s not really stood the test of time, but it’s still a guilty pleasure.

Nic Cage in Con Air portrait.

The scene that makes you cry every single time?
The one that comes to mind, and it’s not a scene, but just every single episode of This Is Us. Every episode made me cry. At the moment that’s what comes to mind

this is us
This is Us Family.

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