My Favourite Movies: Baltasar Kormákur

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What’s the first movie you fell in love with?
“I think it has to be Come and See. Or, you know Chitty Chitty Bang Bang probably. But on a more serious level, it was the Russian movie Come and See. I absolutely fell for it. I was 20 when I saw it.”

Aleksej Kravčenko in Come and See.

What’s the movie that you never get tired of watching?
“The Godfather movies I can watch again and again. That’s a little bit of an obvious answer. I love The Witness, that’s one of those movies I really like. Mississippi Burning is another one. Those kind of movies I love watching again and again.”

Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe in Mississippi Burning.

3Your favourite movie soundtrack?
“Nil By Mouth. I thought it was really great. You know who did that? Eric Clapton. He comes to Iceland to fish all the time. It’s a fantastic soundtrack.”

4Your guilty pleasure?
“That would be About a Boy. I weep like an old lady when Hugh Grant goes on stage.”

Nicholas Hoult, Toni Collette e Hugh Grant in About a Boy movies.

5And the scene that makes you cry every single time?
“That will probably be that scene from About a Boy. The same answer.”

On-the-Stage: Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hoult in About a Boy.

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