HOT CORN TV | Jason Isaacs and Nazanin Boniadi on Hotel Mumbai

We speak to two of the leading stars of this thrilling and yet hugely moving feature film

Based on the real life terrorist attack on the Taj Hotel in 2008 in the Indian city of Mumbai, Anthony Maras has brought the tragic and devastating events to the big screen in this brutal piece of contemporary cinema. To mark the film’s release, we had the pleasure of meeting two of the film’s leading stars; Jason Isaacs and Nazanin Boniadi. The pair tell us what attracted us to the film, and how they went about crafting their characters, which were an amalgamation of so many real people. They also comment on the sad pertinence of the tale, and offer their thoughts on the ongoing gun violence in the world. Finally, and on a somewhat brighter note, we ask Boniadi to recount a tale of when she got stuck in a lift with co-star Armie Hammer…

HOTEL MUMBAI is a Sky Original Film, in cinemas and on Sky Cinema from 27th September

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