HOT CORN TV | “I cry a lot in the movie” – Jim Cummings on tackling toxic masculinity in Thunder Road

Cummings discusses his debut film, Bruce Springsteen, and what he’s learnt from the internet

Hot Corn Tv

A Sundance sensation, Thunder Road finally makes its way to screens across the UK, and to celebrate the film’s release Hot Corn were fortunate enough to sit down with the writer, director and leading star, Jim Cummings. The stupidly talented performer spoke to us about the challenges in establishing the tricky tone of the film, which is as tragic as it is hilarious. He talks about the notion of toxic masculinity, and why he chose Bruce Springsteen’s Thunder Road as the track to base the film on. He also tells us whether The Boss has seen the movie, and what he learnt from his years making short movies online.

Thunder Road is released in cinemas across the UK on May 31st

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