From Etta James to Santigold: Hot Corn’s playlist

The best songs and scores listened to this week by the editorial staff

NOTHING FROM NOTHING LEAVES NOTHING – Etta James. From The Deuce Created by George Pelecanos and David Simon (The Wire) and starring James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal, The Deuce explores the rough-and-tumble world at the pioneering moments of what would become the billion-dollar American sex industry. Set in and around Times Square in the early 1970s, the first season of HBO’s tv series consist of eight episodes. The show is full of great music. One of our favourite song is Nothing from nothing leaves nothing by Etta James. The track is one of the single of her ninth studio album, Etta James sings funk, released in 1970.

THE GRINDHOUSE BLUES – Robert Rodriguez. From Grindhouse: Planet Terror. Planet Terror was part of a 2007 double feature film release between Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. The movie follows a group of people attempting to survive an onslaught of zombie-like creatures as they feud with a military unit and stars Rose McGowan, Freddy Rodriguez, Josh Brolin, Marley Shelton, and Bruce Willis. The majority of the score is composed by Robert Rodriguez with contributions from Graeme Revell, (The Crow, Sin City), Chingon and Nouvelle Vague. Thanks to Varese Sarabande the album is now available on LP for the first time.

CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF MYSELF – Santigold. From I feel pretty. In I feel pretty a woman who struggles with feelings of deep insecurity and low self-esteem, that hold her back everyday, wakes from a brutal fall in an exercise class believing she is suddenly a supermodel. Written and directed by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein, the film stars Amy Schumer, Michelle Williams, Emily Ratajkowski, Busy Philipps and Tom Hopper. The American multi-instrumental musician and film score composer Michael Andrews (Donnie Darko, Me and You and Everyone We Know) wrote the movie’s score but the it also includes others songs. One of them is Santigold’s Can’t get enough of myself, the first single released from 99¢, her 2016 third studio album.

FIGHT CLUBS ARE REAL – Cliff Martinez. From Game Night. Game Night is an American black comedy directed by John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein, marking their second film as co-directors, following the comedy Vacation. Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams star as Max and Annie, whose weekly couples game night gets kicked up a notch when Max’s charismatic brother, Brooks (Kyle Chandler), arranges a murder mystery party, complete with fake thugs and faux federal agents. So, when Brooks gets kidnapped, everyone thinks it’s all part of the game. Cliff Martinez (Drive, Spring Breakers,The Knick) wrote the movie score using mostly synth, percussion and electronic elements.

OVERTURE – Bernad Herrmann. From North by Northwest. This timeless 1959 Alfred Hitchcock thriller set a new benchmark for the format across the following decades as the precursor to James Bond and the wide-screen world of larger than life action adventure. Starring Cary Grant, it’s the story of a man in peril being pursued across America from New York to Mount Rushmore. Bernard Herrmann’s score for the film is overwhelmingly an orchestral tour-de-force. Silva Screen Recods vinyl release allows the listener to appreciate the incredible line-up of MGM contracted musicians whose flair across the entire range of orchestral instruments delivers one of the most breath-taking soundtracks ever recorded.

OPENING TITLE – Fernando Velázquez. From Submergence. Submergence is from acclaimed director Wim Wenders and stars Alicia Vikander and James McAvoy. James (McAvoy) is a British agent under the cover of a water engineer, while Danny (Vikander) is a bio-mathematician working on a deep-sea diving project. On a chance encounter in a remote resort in Normandy where they both prepare for their respective missions, they fall rapidly into each other’s arms even though their jobs are destined to separate them. Their determination to reconnect becomes as much an existential journey as a love story. The soundtrack features music by Spanish composer Fernando Velazquez (A Monster Calls, Hercules).

FUNERAL – Colin Stetson. From Hereditary. When Ellen, the matriarch of the Graham family, passes away, her daughter’s family begins to unravel cryptic and increasingly terrifying secrets about their ancestry. The more they discover, the more they find themselves trying to outrun the sinister fate they seem to have inherited. Making his feature debut, writer-director Ari Aster unleashes a nightmare vision of a domestic breakdown, transforming a familial tragedy into something ominous and deeply disquieting, and pushing the horror movie into chilling new terrain with its shattering portrait of heritage gone to hell. The American saxophonist and multireedist Colin Stetson wrote a scary score using strings, percussion and synth.

OLIVIA’S SECRET – Matthew Margeson. From Truth or Dare. Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) and Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) lead the cast of Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare, a supernatural thriller from Blumhouse Productions (Happy Death Day, Get Out, Split). A harmless game of “Truth or Dare” among friends turns deadly when someone—or something—begins to punish those who tell a lie—or refuse the dare. Directed by Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2), the thriller co-stars Violett Beane, Hayden Szeto, Landon Liboiron, Sophia Taylor Ali and Nolan Gerard Funk. Matthew Margeson has once again joined forces with the director five years after the 2013 superhero black comedy film.

ON THE RUN – Adrian Johnston. From The Strangers: Prey at night. The Strangers: Prey At Night is a reboot of Bryan Bertino’s 2008 cult classic The Strangers. Directed by Johannes Roberts, the movie stars Christina Hendricks, Martin Henderson and Bailee Madison. A road trip to visit relatives takes a dangerous turn when a family arrives at a secluded mobile home park that’s mysteriously deserted – until three masked psychopaths show up. Adrian Johnston (Becoming Jane, Shackleton and Brideshead Revisited) wrote the soundtrack using synth and electro-rock elements mixed with piano and percussion.

RAIN MAN THEME – Hans Zimmer. From Rain Man. Directed by Barry Levinson and written by Barry Morrow and Ronald Bass, Rain Man is a 1980s classic. It tells the story of a selfish wheeler-dealer, Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise), who discovers that his father has died and left a fortune to his autistic savant brother Raymond (Dustin Hoffman), of whose existence Charlie was unaware. The film won four Oscars at the 61st Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Actor in a Leading Role for Hoffman. It was nominated also for Best Original Score wrote by Hans Zimmer. Notefornote Music decided to release Rain Man score thirty years after the movie premiere.

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