Thom Yorke on Suspiria: “It was a form of making spells”

The Radiohead frontman discusses creating his first soundtrack

From Radiohead to Suspiria: Thom Yorke.

BACK TO THE BEGINNING – “I referred to the original Suspiria film. It was an odd process from the beginning. When Luca first came to see me with the producers, I thought he was mad because I had never done a soundtrack before and Suspiria is one of those legendary soundtracks. It took me a few months to even contemplate the idea. It was one of those moments when you want to run away but you know you’ll regret it if you do.”

“Sorry mate, I’m listening to OK Computer” – Yorke comes to Venice

ARGENTO AND GOBLIN – It was very much of its time and obviously Goblin and Dario had worked really closely when they did this together. But it was of its time and there was no way I could reference it in any way other than what I found interesting was that they used repetition of motifs again and again and again and again until you think “Please, I don’t want to hear this anymore” that is really great and hooked me into the whole process because there is a way of repeating the music which can hypnotise.”

“Then I says to him, you ask me to play ‘Creep’ one more time and you’re gonna have the imprint of this ring on yer forehead”

IN THE STUDIO – “It was a form of making spells. When I was in my studio I was making spells. I know it sounds really stupid, but that’s how I was thinking about it. It was a sort of freedom I haven’t had before. I’m not working in the format of a song arrangement. I’m just exploring. I’m putting things out into my studio and seeing what it was bringing back it was a launch of an idea but after that and where Luca wanted to take it and where he was suggesting we went with it and all the references to 1977, I was focussing on Kraut Rock and music of that period and the one preceding it that I really love. It was a totally cool way to immerse myself in an area I wouldn’t normally go with full permission.

Here’s a short excerpt of the Suspiria’s OST:

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