Cool Stuff: Eleven Sweatshirt

From Star Wars to Stranger Things’s gadgets: the most iconic objects in film chosen by Hot Corn

  • WHAT IS IT REALLY?  It’s more or less what you can see in the above image: a sweatshirt with Eleven, the mysterious and mystic (mythic!) character played by Millie Bobby Brown in the first two season of Stranger Things. What it’s amusing is the joke with one of the passions of Eleven, the Eggos waffles, that she discovered thanks to Mike (Finn Wolfhard) in the first season and become such an obsession to bring her to steal box upon box of frozen Eggos at the supermarket.

  • HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? A few more than 20$, which is not much for such a cult object celebrating one of the media sensation of the last two years with a funny Eggos storm going on around the main character. Eleven T-shirts are also available, but we will talk about later when hot temperatures are approaching. Now it’s better you keep yourself comfy and warm.

  • WHY SHOULD I BUY IT? To wear Strangers Things and this could be enough, but also to show a contemporary pop culture symbol proudly. Just one suggestion: don’t wear the sweatshirt reversed. You could get into the Upside Down…

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