PREVIEW | Fred Savage to host the ultimate meta parody for Fox

The Wonder Years and Princess Bride star is set to front a fake after-show for a fake series


In this era of obsessive dissection of TV shows, we’re no longer content to chat idly about what just happened while doing the dishes or brushing our teeth. Actually, that’s not entirely true; that’s pretty much exactly how my wife and I dissect everything we watch. But there’s another level to how we process TV now, from never-ending Reddit discussions to podcasts to the ‘after-show’.

Savage in The Wonder Years

The latter has become something of a staple for most event TV shows, such as Game Of Thrones (Sky Atlantic’s Thronecast), Breaking Bad (Talking Bad), The Walking Dead (Talking Dead) and Orphan Black (After The Black). And you can’t become that much of a cultural fixture without getting your own parody equivalent. Which is exactly what Fox have in the works.

The Princess Bride with Peter Falk

The concept is so meta, it almost defines 2019 all by itself. The show, called What Just Happened??! with Fred Savage, features Fred Savage (playing Fred Savage) as the host of a fake show called What Just Happened??! with Fred Savage, which is an after show for another fake show called The Flare, which is an adaptation of a popular sci-fi novel (also fake) called The Moon Is The Sun At Night. Confused? Yep.

The anti-Peter Falk

This isn’t the first time Fred Savage has played Fred Savage. He recently parodied his The Princess Bride role in Once Upon A Deadpool and appeared in Super Troopers 2 as the subject of a career-ruining incident for the Troopers. He’s also appeared as himself in both Family Guy and Seinfeld and apparently repeatedly plays Fred Savage on a daily basis, but that remains unconfirmed. It would appear, however, that Fred Savage’s most successful role is as… Fred Savage.

Savage with Keegan Michael Key in Friends From College

Savage also stole scenes in the recently deceased Netflix series Friends From College, again becoming embroiled in a debacle involving a fantasy novel, this time as an ill-fated writing partner for Keegan Michael Key. There’s no release date for What Just Happened??! with Fred Savage but we’re keen to see if the premise stands up over an entire series. We also hope it genuinely gets made so that we don’t have to run the headline ‘What Just Happened to What Just Happened??! with Fred Savage??!’

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