Salman Khan Case: The People’s Voice

From Subhash Ghai to Alekh Sangal: the opinions of actors, directors, activists and many more

Arjun Rampal, Bollywood actor – “The law takes its course. Can’t argue it. But at this point in time I just feel helpless and my heart goes out to Salman Khan and his family. Reason, because the last thing Salman Khan is, is a criminal. I feel this is too harsh. I do hope he gets the relief he deserves.”

Jaya Bachchan, actor and Rajya Sabha MP “I feel bad. He should be given relief. He has done a lot of humanitarian work.”

  • Subhash Ghai, Indian film director – “I am extremely shocked to hear Salman Khan is being convicted by session court but also having full trust in Indian judiciary which has many other doors to appeal for final justice whatsoever. He is the most loved person by the industry and people for his human reasons too.”
Subhash Ghai

Adnan Sami, Music Composer, Singer, Song Writer, Concert Pianist & Actor “I have immense respect for the honorable courts & the law without question. I’m however, extremely saddened for my dear brother Salman Khan. My heart goes out to him.”

Shilpa Shinde, Bollywood actor – “Punishing a good human being is not acceptable. Animal poaching is ever increasing, jungles are cut in the name of urban development, isn’t it leading to wildlife killing, who will be punished for that?”

  • Sophie Choudry, Singer, Performer, Actor, Ambassador of British Asian Trust “Respect the Court’s decision but feels like Salman Khan has been singled out. He wasn’t alone. And how many people have been given 5 years for hunting in our country? What about hardcore poachers who kill on a daily basis?! Praying he gets some relief soon & comes out of this stronger.”
Sophie Choudry

Priya Gupta, Co-Producer, Blackमेल, TumhariSulu, Cheat India, Saina – “I know for a fact that Salman Khan has not killed the Black Buck. I am 100 percent sure he will be declared innocent finally.”

Shehzad Poonawalla, Civil Rights Activist, Tedx Speaker – “Conviction of Salman Khan for 5 years in the Black Buck Poaching Case restores my faith. The Indian system has over time become the puppet of rich and powerful families.”

  • Alekh Sangal, actor – “It’s a case that has been going on for 19 years. And going by his track record, I personally don’t think his conviction will stand! I have never seen the point in these delayed verdicts, which continue to drag along for years and years. So the fairness of this verdict seems redundant!
Alekh Sangal with Nakuul Mehta.

Ankita Shreeram, Journalist – “He deserved it but he might still get away. With celebrities, there always seems a way out.”

Meet Ashar, animal activist and Emergency Response Coordinator, PETA India – “You can’t be human without being kind to all animals. What this guilty verdict shows, whether you are Salman Khan or an ordinary citizen, the facts will be heard by a court and the law will prevail. What anyone thinking of harming a wild animal can learn from this matter is that such crimes will be taken seriously in our country. Let’s not get confused—Salman Khan is not the victim here, the animals are. Black bucks and chinkaras are endangered and considered extremely vulnerable. But all animals who are hunted suffer immensely. We understand that Mr Khan has been sentenced to five years out of a possible seven. PETA India always pushes for the maximum penalty under animal protection laws so to deter others from committing the same crime and because in many cases, those who commit acts of violence against animals often go on to harming other animals or even humans. However, what this sentencing shows is that whether you are Salman Khan or an ordinary citizen, you can’t get away with hurting a wild animal.”

Anand Siva
  • Anand Siva, Animal Activist – “I fully endorse the ruling, but am surprised at the punishment. The sentence doesn’t sent out a message for habitual killers and those who don’t respect other lives. I’d have expected 5 crores to be paid for wildlife conservation as a fine! The sentence only makes him pay for his crimes; the fine would have helped make up for some animal’s welfare somewhere! A 10000 fine for someone who earns in crores and throws his arrogance by crores is a joke! A 10000 fine for someone who earns in crores and throws his arrogance by crores is a joke! Just 10 rupees for every day of the last 20 years is 73000!”

Sanjiv Bhatt, former Indian Police Service officer from Gujarat – “If Salman Khan can be sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for killing a solitary deer, what should be the fair punishment for corporates, bureaucrats and politicians who connive to displace tribal and willfully destroy pristine forests, rivers and entire habitats for their greed? Awarding Salman Khan, a superstar having a massive fan following, with a prescribed quantum of lifetime honorary work in the field of Wildlife Protection and Preservation, would have served the ends of justice much better than consigning him to five years in prison. What a waste!”.

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