HOT CORN Guide | The best Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving episodes on CHILI

Get in the Holiday spirit with the endearing madness of our favourite burger flippers


Nobody loves Thanksgiving like Bob Belcher and nobody has to endure disastrous Thanksgivings like Bob Belcher. His perpetual quest to cook the perfect Thanksgiving dinner is repeatedly torn asunder by his family, his friends and his landlord, whether they’re forcing him to undertake elaborate hoaxes that result in shoot-outs, trying to flush turkeys down the toilet or making him drag them through a blizzard. So, if you’re an American, spending the holidays with an American or just looking for an excuse for a Bob’s Burgers binge, join us on our journey through the show’s ever-wonderful Thanksgiving episodes.

DAWN OF THE PECK (S05E04) – Only in Wonder Wharf would a “running of the turkeys (etc.)” end up like a terrifying amalgamation of Dawn Of The Dead and Shaun Of The Dead. When Calvin and Felix Fischoeder accidentally let loose a flock of violent Thanksgiving foul, Teddy and Linda are forced to team up to save the kids. Meanwhile, Bob is sulking about the family going out instead of having dinner and does what Bob tends to do: drinks too much and has conversations with inanimate objects.

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THANKS-HOARDING (S08E05) – By far the worst thing that could happen on Thanksgiving, worse than anything else on this list, is having to go to Teddy’s for dinner. We all love Teddy, but you can only imagine how depressing his apartment is. Well, it’s even worse than that. Turns out our Teddy is a hoarder and even more useless at everything than we feared. He also gets panic stink. There are some incredible zingers in this episode, but Teddy’s life is unbearably sad. What rescues it all from bummertown is the unwavering love the Belchers have for their friend. It’s a tearjerker, but one that ends on a heart-warming note.

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THE QUIRKDUCERS (S07E06) – Combining Thanksgiving with Tina’s erotic fiction can only end well/terribly. Tina tries to reclaim the word “quirky” with her latest story (contains some stuff with a pig, suggestive situations, implied nudity), but Louise sees more use for it as a way to get out of watching Mr Frond’s awful Thanksgiving plays: put on a play so offensive it gets shut down. In true Bob’s Burgers fashion, Louise’s impulses wind up in a heart-felt about face that demonstrates the family’s unbreakable bond. Still, can’t help but wonder what Bob was planning to do for dinner.

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 GAYLE MAKING BOB SLED (S06E04) – Another ambitious Thanksgiving dinner turns catastrophic when Bob gets stranded on a mission to pick up Gayle (she can’t drive because she sprained her ankle slipping on some salsa while salsa dancing). Anything involving Gayle is automatically disastrous, but adding in heavy snow and her cat Mr Business is guaranteed to end up as the worst day of Bob’s life. The result is like The Day After Tomorrow if that film was about a man desperately braving the elements to get back to his turkey.

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TURKEY IN A CAN (S04E05) – “I’ve seen crazier things in a toilet. You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve seen. A rat wearing a little hat. Twice. Same rat, different hat.” Based on that line alone (one of the funniest things Teddy’s ever said), this episode deserves to be in the pantheon of great episodes. Once again, Bob is determined to create the greatest ever Thanksgiving turkey, but each night, the bird ends up in the toilet? Who’s the culprit? Probably Louise. Or is it?

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AN INDECENT THANKSGIVING PROPOSAL (S03E05) – In a bid to win over a sharp-shooting homewrecker, Mr Fischoeder enlists Bob’s family to pretend to be his own – a make-believe home for his paramour to wreck. This was the show’s first attempt at a Thanksgiving episode, introducing us to Bob’s love of the holiday and his family’s total apathy towards it (Their order goes: Louise’s birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Hanukkah, Snow Day, Amateur Night, Veteran’s Day, Tooth Fairy Eve, St Patrick’s Day, Mayday, Groundhog Day, Season premiere of Game Of Thrones, Opposite Day, Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Carnivale, Angela Lansbury’s birthday, bath night, Black Friday, Thanksgiving. Add in some absinthe-induced My Neighbour Totoro hallucinations and Linda’s incredible Thanksgiving song and you’ve got a stone-cold classic.

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