HOT CORN Radio | From the Sopranos to Mad Men: this time it’s the turn of TV shows remix

From Alabama 3 to Ramble John Krohn via Narcos: four TV series reinterpreted via your headphones

"Hot Corn Radio? Yeah, I like the idea". Jesse Eisenberg approves.

After last week’s focus on the remixes of great composers – which you can listen to (again) here – in this issue of our beloved Hot Corn Radio we’re looking at TV series, with famous theme tunes reinterpreted or revisited on SoundCloud. We’ll start by celebrating the birthday of the greatest TV show, which is unrivalled twenty years after its first season was aired (in the US): The Sopranos. As anyone who loved David Chase’s HBO series will know, the theme tune was a song by a UK group, Alabama 3, released in 1997 two years before the show. In this version, their Woke Up This Morning is reworked with gusto:

From one cult series to another, from one great character of the small screen like Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) to another, Walter White (Bryan Cranston): this is a brilliant remix dedicated to Breaking Bad, which uses the voices of Cranston and Aaron Paul and mixes them with recurring expressions and words (“meth” is one, obviously). It even quotes the title of the seventh episode of season five. For fans of Heisenberg this is an absolute must.

Continuing along the lines of great male characters, here’s Don Draper (John Hamm) of Mad Men, which always had a brilliant theme tune – written by the American producer John Krohn alias RJD2. It is remixed here and played on a loop as if poor Don had remained suspended during his fall on Madison Avenue. Captivating.

The fourth piece concerns another (highly) contentious male character: Pablo Escobar. This is Soy El Fuego remixed and revisited majestically, alternating the various sounds and using the voice of Rodrigo Amaranto – a Brazilian singer and guitarist – sparingly, but at key moments. The result? Four memorable minutes that make you want to listen over and over. Listen for yourselves if you don’t believe us.

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