EXCLUSIVE | “I really believe in this movie” – Olivia Cooke on Life Itself

We speak to the talented English actress on her role in this profound ensemble drama

Dan Fogelman’s Life Itself has been met with, well, somewhat mixed reviews since it played at Toronto last year. Yet while some critics have been put on by the film’s sentimental tone, for lead actress Olivia Cooke, she feels it’s a movie that has a lot to offer, and urges moviegoers to enter into this one with an uncynical mind. We had the pleasure of sitting down with the British star in London as she explains the challenges/joys in working on an ensemble feature, and why she believes in this movie so much. She also speaks about how surreal it still is to see herself up on the big screen, and whether she’s much of a cryer herself. We also ask her about her favourite actors, and what she’s enjoying in the cinema at the moment.

Life Itself is released on January 4th

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