HOT CORN TV: Denzel Washington on The Equalizer 2

We speak exclusively to one of most dependable leading men in Hollywood for his first sequel

It’s hard to believe, but The Equalizer 2 is the very first time that the revered Hollywood actor Denzel Washington has ever made a sequel to one of his movies. To celebrate the release of his latest collaboration with Antoine Fuqua, we had the immense pleasure of sitting down with Washington to ask he felt compelled to step back into this world again. He also discusses whether he’s had the offer to do follow-ups to any of his other movies, the parallels between this film and superhero endeavours, and also you may want to watch this right up until the very end, as Denzel finds a brief exchange about, um, “practising” rather funny…

The Equalizer 2 is released in cinemas on August 17th.

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