HOT CORN TV | “People had made their mind up on me” – Sam Claflin on subverting expectations with The Corrupted

We sat down with English actor on taking on a brand new sort of role – and loving it

At no real fault of his own, Sam Claflin almost became a victim of his own charm and good looks, pushed into romantic leads and action movies. But he’s keen for the world to see what he’s capable of, and what better way to go around that than by taking on a character in a gritty London thriller where he plays a boxer with a dark past? In The Corrupted he shows a different side to his talents, and to mark the film’s release we had the pleasure of sitting down to discuss what compelled him to get involved in this Ron Scalpello production. He talks about this being a departure as well as commenting on how enriching it was to collaborate closely with his brother Joe (who plays his on-screen brother in the movie) and on sharing the screen with the one and only Timothy Spall.

The Corrupted is released on May 10th

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