HOT CORN TV | Marchánt Davis on The Day Shall Come

The rising star talks to The Hot Corn about his collaboration with Chris Morris

As breakthrough roles go, this really has been some experience for American actor Marchánt Davis, as he plays the lead role, Moses, in Chris Morris’s eagerly anticipated follow up to Four Lions, the satire The Day Shall Come. Something of an unknown, that’s all set to change as the young actor turns in a wonderful and nuanced display as the film’s lead; a perennial optimist who gets caught up in a dangerous situation. We had the pleasure of sitting down with the man himself where he explains why the allure of working with Morris was so strong, and why he hadn’t even read the script before signing up to the project. He also talks in length about his character, and whether he perceives Moses to be sad (or whether that was just us…).

The Day Shall Come will be released on October 11th

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