A Must Listen | Nolan, Scorsese, Hollywood: The Writers on Film Podcast

What? Another podcast? Yes. John Bleasdale’s new podcast offers a fresh perspective on movie going

Another podcast? Yes.
Freshly Popped

You can be forgiven for greeting the latest film podcast with a weary suspicion. After all, how many podcasts can there possibly be? How many review shows do you need? Or passionately voiced arguments about the Snyderverse or Scorseseland? But the latest – by our very own John Bleasdale – boasts an original take. John interviews authors of books on film about their area of expertise. This means that he is always dealing with experts in their fields on a diverse range of topics. As of writing we’ve had four episodes: Tom Shone talks blockbusters and Christopher Nolan in the first (you can listen to it here); Nicholas de Semlyen champions 80s comedy legends (here); Glenn Kenny takes on Goodfellas and Martin Scorsese (here) and finally, Helen O’Hara discusses the role of women in Hollywood (here).

Each podcast unreels as a relaxed conversation, both insightful and entertaining. Future guests lined up include Jason Woods on Mexican Cinema, Kaleem Aftab on co-authoring a book with Spike Lee, Sam Wasson on Chinatown, Jay Glennie on collaborating with Robert de Niro and Pamela Hutchinson on silent cinema. It’s certainly worth subscribing to. Check out the episodes below and you’ll see what we mean.

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