5 Reasons We Can’t Wait To See Dark Phoenix

From Sophie Turner to Jessica Chastain: why this is the Marvel movie to look forward to this year


Being a famous Game Of Thrones actor who gets the call to play a major comic book hero? Great, yes, but scary. Sophie Turner was only 14 when she shot the first season of the HBO series, which premiered in 2011. Now, she is preparing to say goodbye to Sansa Stark for another character: Jean Grey. «So many scenes I have to go from broken-down Jean Grey to Phoenix, this confident, arrogant, judgmental character», explained Turner on the set of X-Men: Dark Phoenix. This could be her moment. In another dimension.

Sophie Turner as Jean Grey in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Photo Credit: Doane Gregory.

Bryan Singer, the director of the first two and last two X-Men films, has officially passed the mutant torch to Simon Kinberg, who has previously worked as a writer and producer on the franchise. Born in 1973, he wrote X-Men (2000) X2 (2003) and X-Men: The Last Stand, but Dark Phoenix will mark his directorial debut. «The success of Deadpool and Logan have bolstered our confidence to make edgy, more daring», admitted Kinberg. He might make a difference.

Director Simon Kinberg and Michael Fassbender on the set of Dark Phoenix. Photo Credit: Doane Gregory

«Race back to my place? Winner gets a comic». «Any comic? I’ll take your X-Men 134». In the first episode of Netflix’s Stranger Things, there’s a an X-Men reference between Dustin and Will. Why? Because for someone Stranger Things is a love letter from Duffer Bros to the X-Men‘s Jean Grey, another young girl who can move things with her mind like Eleven. In the final episode of season one, Eleven pins the monster against the wall. At at the end of X-Men 134 Jean Grey unleashes on Mastermind. The Weird Sisters?

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in Season 1 of Stranger Things.

Born in Calabria, Italy, Mauro Fiore moved to the US with his family in 1971. He is most notable for his work in Avatar for which he won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography. After Newton Thomas Sigel, Fiore is starting a brand new journey through the X-Men franchise, his first time in a cinecomic. «The greatest challenge? Tell a visual story without being too literal or overbearing with the cinematography of a film».

Mauro Fiore and James Cameron on set while filming Avatar.

From Woman Walks Ahead to Molly’s Game, Jessica Chastain is at a stage of her career where she can do no wrong. Twentieth Century Fox has revealed that Chastain’s character in Dark Phoenix goes by the name Smith, but when the actress was cast the assumption was that she playing Lilandra. «I actually chose to do X-Men because I’m working with Simon (Kinberg), who’s also a first-time filmmaker who I met on The Martian, and is an incredible writer and producer». Anyway, Chastain is another big reason to wait Dark Phoenix.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix opens in theaters on November 2

Jessica Chastain as Smith in Dark Phoenix. Photo Credit: Doane Gregory.

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