Your Own Private Video Store Clerks? Yes! It’s the Hot Corn Social Club

Cult, gems, great films, new discoveries: tips from the Hot Corn staff exclusively for CHILI customers

LONDON – Once upon a time was the video store, an enchanted place where, amongst the seemingly sky-high shelves, you could lose yourself in the world of film. Those video cassettes, which looked so enticing in their coloured boxes, could feed a host of dreams and emotions. It was a time when new VHS releases meant the video store was the place to be on a Friday night. And, at the end of those long aisles full of images and famous titles, there he was, the reference point for everyone who grew up between the 1980s and 1990s: the video store clerk. A bit Clerks, a bit Tarantino, he was the one who helped us with our choices. All that advice sought, all those videos we ordered from him, all those debates with the guy who spent his entire days devouring blockbusters, auteur films, silly movies and forbidden titles. And how jealous we were of that kid who literally did our dream job.

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Today we live in a world in which analogue barely exists and in which video stores have almost all been turned into supermarkets. But with that magical and enchanted place in mind, we at Hot Corn have decided to be your video shop clerks of the digital age. Whether it’s pop or auteur cinema, cult classics past and present, new and hard-to-find films, surprises and discoveries, from today you can find our staff’s advice exclusively for our CHILI streaming platform customers at

hot corn social club

In amongst the new releases and special offers, on the home page you can now find our Hot Corn Social Club, a section in which we talk about films that we have loved and reviewed, from The Big Lebowski to Stand By Me and The Goonies. Our favourite films, hidden gems, old and new classics, blockbusters and auteur: genres are mixed together with no categories or labels. Of course, there are international filmmakers, but there’s also a focus on Italian films. It’s a catalogue that’s always growing. So, if you really can’t choose which film to watch, all you have to do is ask Hot Corn’s advice: think of us as that clerk in the video shop. And don’t forget to tell us if you liked the film. Happy viewing!

You can find our Hot Corn Social Club at CHILI: Hot Corn Social Club

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