EXCLUSIVE | In New York on the set of Spider-Man: Far From Home

As we await the film’s release, scheduled for July 2019, here’s an exclusive preview from the set

spiderman far from home hot corn
Tom Holland on Spider-Man 2 set.

NEW YORK – The usual constant traffic. The sound of pneumatic drills and ambulance sirens wailing to clear the lane. The busy corner of 80th and 33rd St, a few steps from Madison Square Garden, with the shadow of the Empire State Building nearby. Just a morning like any other in the heart of Manhattan: everything is as it should be, with the noisy soundtrack of New York, which doesn’t let up for a second. And, raising your eyes to the sky, it’s weird to think that you can spot one of the symbols of the city darting between one skyscraper and another. Only this time Spider-Man is actually here. From somewhere between real life and the film set (we are in New York, after all!), Hot Corn brings you an exclusive behind-the-scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home, the sequel to Homecoming and the 23rd chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So no, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker did not die at the end of Infinity War, as you can see in the video we are showing you here.

It would seem from these sequences that he is back in form, wearing a brilliant red and black outfit and in the throes of an acrobatic leap, holding Zendaya (alias Michelle Jones) in his arms. With James Watts back at the helm, Spider-Man: Far From Home is released in the US on 5 July 2019, two months after the highly-anticipated Avengers 4.

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