EXCLUSIVE | Interview with Oliver Stone: “Alexander the Great, America and me”

From the US director’s Los Angeles office, Oliver Stone talks to Hot Corn about his new Alexander 

Oliver Stone in his office.

LOS ANGELES – Posters for Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July, some souvenirs from the set and Julian Assange’s autograph signed on an old photo: snooping around Oliver Stone’s office in Los Angeles is like entering a kind of museum, a journey through forty years of cinema in the world of one of the most influential directors in Hollywood. Provocative, controversial and never compliant, Stone has decided to talk to Hot Corn’s California correspondent Elisabetta Canalis about the new version of Alexander, his 2004 film starring Colin Farrell and Angelina Jolie, which he has reexamined. It is now called Alexander: The Ultimate Cut and in some respects is very different from the original. In this interview, Stone talks about why he is so connected to the film about Alexander the Great and how much his America has changed since 9/11.



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