My Favourite Movies: Iwan Rheon

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Renowned, primarily, for his role as Ramsay Bolton, one of Game of Thrones’ most despicable inhabitants, Welsh actor Iwan Rheon has a host of other impressive credentials to his name, and most recently came his biggest challenge yet, as he played a Polish fighter pilot in the compelling WW2 drama Hurricane. When we spoke to the actor to promote the film’s release, we couldn’t help but quiz Rheon on his very favourite movies too, to try and understand what films beguile and inspire him.

Rheon as a Polish pilot in WW2 drama Hurricane

THE FIRST MOVIE YOU FELL FOR – I think it’s probably Jurassic Park, when I was a kid. I loved it, and I was obsessed with dinosaurs.


One of cinema’s most iconic ever scenes



Two men that went on holiday by mistake

YOUR FAVOURITE SOUNDTRACK – That’s a good question. I really liked the soundtrack to The Lord of the Rings, I thought that was great. Or maybe just Jurassic Park again.



YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE –  [Laughs] I really like Lethal Weapon, I think they’re really cool. I watched the second one again recently, it was on the telly. I loved it.


Two men that would resent the notion of their film being considered a guilty pleasure

THE SCENE THAT ALWAYS MAKES YOU CRY – Scene? Oh. I dunno, I can’t really think of anything right now.


Well if you’re not gonna bloody cry then mate, here’s a picture if Timothée Chalamet letting it all out

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