HOT CORN TV | Victoria Stone and Mark Deeble on The Elephant Queen

The feature film for Apple TV+ chronicles the incredible journey of a majestic matriarch

With unprecedented access to a herd of elephants, this stunning documentary follows a mother, Athena, as she journeys across the unforgiving African landscape – and to celebrate this film’s Apple TV+ release, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the filmmakers and married couple, Victoria Stone and Mark Deeble. During this fascinating conversation we discuss the casting of their elephant family, as well as the film’s narrator Chiwetel Ejiofor. They comment on the challenges of not being able to intervene with their subject’s hardships, the focus on female strength from within the film, and we also delve into climate change, as they explain just how significant the changes are that they have witnessed across their careers making nature documentaries.

The Elephant Queen is available on Apple TV+ now

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