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Having impressed greatly with his socially conscious, profound drama Monsters and Men, it’s fair to assume a big career in cinema beckons for New Yorker Reinaldo Marcus Green. Another milestone in his fledging career is of course to be the latest creative to take part in the Hot Corn ‘My Favourite Movies’ column, where we ask talented filmmakers to discuss with us all of the films that shaped them.

Monsters and Men

What’s the first movie you ever fell in love with? When I was a kid I fell in love with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the original of course, with Gene Wilder. I love that film. It’s because of Charlie, you know, I related to that kid. I didn’t grow up poor but I grew up with hopes and dreams, and I wanted to believe that if you put something out into the universe, that it’s going to come back. Even when society tells you no, and it’s stacked against you, that you can make it out. It’s a story of hopes and dreams and it’s such a simple movie. Of course the performances are incredible, and very few people can do what Gene Wilder did. I always refer back to that movie in terms of dreams, it’s the most simple story you can think about. Anything is impossible.

A remarkable performance from Gene Wilder

What’s the one film you never get tired of watching? Good Will Hunting. I don’t know why, but I feel like I cry every time he says, ‘it’s not your fault’. Every time it gets me. Matt Damon is brilliant in the film, and it’s always wonderful to bring back Robin Williams, God rest his soul. He was such an incredible actor. I love the film, I love the camaraderie with the friends and the brothers and I love the story, I think it’s a really touching and incredible film by Gus Van Sant. So that’s a movie I get caught up in every time.

Oh, Robin.

What’s your favourite ever soundtrack? Hmmm, that’s a tough one because there’s some good ones out there, and I’ve never really thought about it. Into the Wild has a great soundtrack, I love the soundtrack to that film.

What’s your guilty pleasure? I watch like the Alaska in the Wild TV shows, all the guys hiding out in the snow and all that kind of stuff. I watch a ton of those series, I think I’ve watched everything about surviving in the world. I love that kind of stuff. If its in the snow and you’re living out there like in Into the Wild. I love those shows, anything about surviving.

Reinaldo, let me introduce you to a man we like to call Bear Grylls…

What scene makes you cry every time? Yeah it’s the one from Good Will Hunting. The ‘it’s not your fault’. It gets me every time.



What’s your favourite film set in New York? Do The Right Thing by Spike Lee. I just think it’s as relevant today as it was when it was first made, and it’s a testament to Spike in knowing how to engage, but it’s also incredibly thoughtful in every capacity of the film; the colours, the direction, the cinematography, the characters, it’s a really special film and also one that reminds me of growing up with my dad and my brother. My dad was somebody was who had to go to sleep with the TV on, he needed that white noise, so he would literally put that movie on every night. So in the morning when we’d wake up Do The Right Thing would be on, it’s how I would start my day. So it was always on, and it just reminds me of my childhood and of my dad at the times we had when we were alive, and it reminds me of the New York City that I love, the colours and people. It’s just a rich film in so many ways.

What a movie.

Monsters and Men is out now on DVD and Blu-ray

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