HOT CORN TV | Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy of merging Kubrick and King in Doctor Sleep

The director and producer talk to Hot Corn about this sequel to The Shining

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Stephen King was famously not a fan of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, and so in this sequel there comes something of a conumdrum: to combine the aesthetic and tone of the cinematic endeavour, and yet try and make something the author of the books might like. But for director Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy they’ve managed to pull it off – and we had the pleasure of meeting them both to celebrate the release of Doctor Sleep. They explain the challenges in striking this balance, and what it means to have built this relationship with King, someone they both fervently admire. We also touch upon Jack Nicholson, Rebecca Ferguson and the theme of addition – so be sure to watch below!

Doctor Sleep is released in cinemas on October 31st

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