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Having moved and compelled audiences across the past year with the upsetting drama Dirty God, Dutch filmmaker Sacha Polak took a break on her press tour for the film from talking about the project, and instead focused on the work of other wonderful filmmakers – taking part in our returning feature ‘My Favourite Movies’.

What’s the first film you ever fell in love with? I think Silence of the Lambs. I saw it when I had a video recorder in my house, I remember watching that film and Basic Instinct over and over again. Then my father recorded something over it, and I was really furious. I was looking for that film.

Forever creepy

What’s the one film you never get tired of watching? I think maybe Lost in Translation. There are many films. I really think that as a filmmaker you have periods in your life when you really love something and you sort of soak up everything around it. So I’ve loved Kim Ki-duk, I’ve loved all his work and was so totally fascinated by it. Then Julio Medem, Fellini before that, then Wim Wenders. So you go into these periods where you love a film, and you fall in love with something else again.

Forever wonderful

What’s your favourite movie soundtrack? The Dirty God soundtrack [laughs]. No, let me think. Maybe the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack, because it has Radiohead on it!

What’s your guilty pleasure? I don’t think it’s really guilty, but if you have like a really really good romantic comedy, I love it. But there are so little, most of the time I start to watch something and after five minutes I get so annoyed I turn it off.

Now she didn’t explicitly say When Harry Met Sally, but it’s probably what she meant

What’s the one scene that always makes you cry? I think Dances With Wolves. There’s a scene where he’s screaming. I won’t reenact it.


What’s your favourite ever British film? I think Shame. I think it’s been made extraordinarily. Every shot is perfect. Visually it’s extraordinary, the music is great, the actors are fantastic. I love Carey Mulligan, and her look. I think it’s not explaining things, or trying to find answers in a way, it’s just sort of beautifully done and crafted.

Michael Fassbender watching porn

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