HOT CORN TV | Animals writer Emma Jane Unsworth and director Sophie Hyde

We chat to the talented duo behind this excellent film starring Holliday Grainger & Alia Shawkat

Emma Jane Unsworth and Sophie Hyde

Sundance hit Animals is released in the UK this week, and to mark the occasion we sat down with the talented female duo behind it – the author of the novel its based upon (and now screenwriter) Emma Jane Unsworth, alongside director Sophie Hyde. We discussed a variety of themes, from the authentic and accurate depiction of female friendships, through to the adaptation process, and whether Unsworth now pictures lead stars Holliday Grainger and Alia Shawkat in the leading roles. She also talks about being protective over the content, while Hyde goes on to talk about the drug use in the film.

Animals is out in cinemas on August 2nd

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