HOT CORN TV | Lukas Dhont on his directorial debut Girl

We speak to the Belgian filmmaker on the release of his festival smash

The release of Girl has been met with a mixture of excitement and trepidation, for this film – which won prizes at Cannes last year, and has been the subject of much critical acclaim, has also come with its fair amount of controversy too, which we addressed when sitting down with the director Lukas Dhont. The film has been accused of being counter-productive for the Trans community, and we sought to discuss this tricky subject with Dhont, and why he feels the movie has a lot to say, and why he feels it’s a pertinently timed release. He talks about the theme of gender identity, and why he was pleased that the woman this tale is loosely based on, has lept to his defence. He also discusses the genesis of the production, and why he felt it necessary to be so uncomfortable to watch at times, while explaining why to him, it’s still vital the picture is taken as a work of fiction.

Girl is out in cinemas across the UK now

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