Quiz Corn: The magic places of Harry Potter

«It’s not real, the ceiling. It’s just bewitched to look like the night sky. I read about it in Hogwarts: A History»- Hermione Granger

Skies in a room, staircases that love to change direction, isolated strongholds, mysterious cellars. All the places made-up by J.K. Rowling are enchanting and sometimes frightening.

Is there any Potterhead out there? Good, because Hot Corn has something in store for you: a brand new quiz about the locations of Harry Potter! If you’ll answer all the questions correctly, ten points will go to your house. So, choose wisely.

Let's play

  • In Diagon Alley, where can you find your own wand?

    • Olly & Co.
    • Ollivander’s
    • Ollistramberg’s
    • Ollicumber’s
  • What’s the Dursley’s address?

    • Public Drive
    • Golden Drive
    • Privet Drive
    • District Drive
  • Where do you go if you want to get to Platform 9 3/4?

    • Victoria Station
    • Paddington Station
    • London Bridge Station
    • King’s Cross
  • Where does Lord Voldemort steal the elderberry wand from?

    • From Hargrid’s house
    • From the Chamber of Secrets
    • From the Pensieve
    • From Dumbledore’s grave
  • What’s the name of the courtyard with a central fountain in Hogwarts?

    • Transfiguration Courtyard
    • Clock Tower Courtyard
    • The Quad
    • Viaduct Courtyard
  • How do you get to Ministry of Magic?

    • Jumping in the Walnut River
    • Following the Marauder’s Map
    • Through the Atrium
    • Through the Portkey
  • The Wooden Bridge is known also as…

    • Shaky Bridge
    • Hilly Bridge
    • Covered Bridge
    • Oak Bridge
  • Where did Remus Lupin go during moonlit nights?

    • Shrieking Shack
    • Forbidden Forest
    • Knockturn Alley
    • Dungeon Pit

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