Quiz Corn: The cursed GIF

 We are really into the world of GIFs. Really. So, we are compelled to make a quiz about these beautiful creatures. There are so many cult movies on the whole planet. Can you guess which of those are related to these little videos? Check this out!

Let's play

  • What movie is this?

    • Yes Man
    • The Truman Show
    • Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
    • Simon Birch
  • In which movie you can see Joseph Gordon-Levitt with this blue bird?

    • The walk
    • Inception
    • 500 Days of Summer
    • 50/50
  • Where we can see Hugh Grant dance like this?

    • Notting Hill
    • Love Actually
    • Mickey Blue Eyes
    • Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
  • What movie is related to this iconic scene which soundtrack is “Lust for Life”?

    • Fight Club
    • The Beach
    • Reservoir Dogs
    • Trainspotting
  • In which film Emile Hirsch dives on a skateboard?

    • Alpha Dog
    • Into the Wild
    • Lords of Dogtown
    • Taking Woodstock
  • Where we find this introvert boy played by Paul Dano?

    • Gigantic
    • Little Miss Sunshine
    • Ruby Sparks
    • The Ballad of Jack and Rose
  • Where we can see Donald Faison scream like crazy?

    • Clueless
    • Big Fat Liar
    • Uptown Girls
    • Can’t Hardly Wait
  • In which movie Anna Chlumsky plays a girl without mother?

    • Uncle Buck
    • My Girl
    • See You in the Morning
    • Only the Lonely

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