The Seagull – Official Trailer

One summer at a lakeside Russian estate, friends and family father for a weekend in the countryside. While everyone is caught up in passionately loving someone who loves somebody else, a tragicomedy unfolds about art, fame, human folly, and the eternal desire to live a purposeful life. Aristocratic actress Irina pays summer visits to her brother Sorin and her son Konstantin. On one occasion, her lover, the successful novelist Boris Trigorin, accompanies her. When Nina, a free and innocent girl who lives on a neighbouring estate, falls in love with Boris, he basks in her adulation, while Irina is shunned by Konstantin, who loves Nina. Based on Anton Chekhov’s classic play, THE SEAGULL explores, with comedy and melancholy, the obsessive nature of love, the tangled relationships between parents and children, and the transcendent value and psychic toll of art.

Blindspotting – Official Trailer

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