Victoria ()

Genre: Drama
Director: Sebastian Schipper


Exhilarating and astonishingly ambitious, Sebastian Schipper's Victoria is an adrenaline-fuelled heist thriller set on the streets of nighttime Berlin that features the staggering technical feat of being shot in a single, unbroken take. Victoria (Laia Costa), a young woman from Madrid, meets four local guys outside a nightclub in the early hours of the morning. Sonne (Frederick Lau) and his friends are Berliners who promise to show her the real side of the city. Striking up a friendship, they take to a nearby rooftop to continue the night. But when the group are suddenly forced to repay a debt to a member of the city's criminal underworld, the night quickly spirals out of control. Winner of the Berlin Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Achievement, Victoria is a breathless, visceral thrill ride of a film. Aided by a booming techno soundtrack by German composer Nils Frahm, it is a must-see experience for fans of boundary-pushing cinema.

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