A Forgotten Man (2023)

Genre: History
Director: Laurent Nègre
Cast: Cléa Eden, Dominik Gysin, Jeff Burrell, Manuela Biedermann, Margherita Schoch, Michael Neuenschwander, Peter Wyssbrod


Swiss ambassador Heinrich Zwygart flees bombed-out Berlin after serving eight years in the capital of the Reich, marking the end of a dreadful mandate, during which he had to make fatal compromises to preserve the neutrality and security of his country. For Switzerland to end on the winning side after the war, someone will have to pay. Haunted by his past, struggling to secure a future, but driven by his ambition Zwygart feels the trap closing in on him. He made it through the war, but will he survive peace? A Forgotten Man received its World Premiere at the 18th Zurich Film Festival in the Gala Premieres section

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