Artemisia Gentileschi, Warrior Painter (2020)

Genre: Documentary
Director: Jordan River
Cast: Alessandra Masu, Angela Curri, Melissa Pignataro, Simon Gillespie


In 1618, at the age of 23, Artemisia became the first Italian female artist to get international recognition. She came in touch with the most brilliant minds of her time, including Caravaggio. The film recalls her life, for which she is recognized as a modern feminist icon, due to her personality and the unyielding defense of her professional integrity, documented in the letters she wrote to art collectors and other eminent figures of her time, like Galileo Galilei. Artemisia’s fame is also tied to the rape trial she started against a colleague, Agostino Tassi. She survived the experience thanks to her moral strength and, through her painting, succeeded as a woman and as an artist, producing masterpieces that can touch the heart and soul of audiences who admire them four hundred years later.

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Rating: 5.0
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